e2v uses GaN Systems tech for 100V HEMT

e2v uses GaN Systems tech for 100V HEMT

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By Nick Flaherty

Teledyne e2v HiRel is launching a ruggedized 100V/90A GaN power HEMT (High Electron Mobility Transistor) using technology from GaN Systems.

The TDG100E90 uses a bottom-side cooled package for all applications requiring extremely high reliability, in particular space and military. It joins the recently announced 650V, 60A TDG650E60, and is available to provide a lower step-down voltage in high reliability power circuitry.


Testing and device lifetime is a key consideration for the technology, so the adoption by a high reliability supplier is important. For all product lines, Teledyne e2v HiRel performs the most demanding qualification and testing tailored to the highest reliability applications using sulfuric test, high altitude simulation, dynamic burn-in, step stress up to 175°C ambient, testing at 9V gate voltage, and full temperature testing.

The TDG100E90 uses the patented Island Technology from GaN Systems which provides a scalable, vertical charge dissipating system that gives the power transistor ultra-low thermal losses, high power density, no-charge storage, and very high switching speeds.

Compared to silicon MOSFET devices, the TDG100E90 HEMT significantly reduces losses and EMI, due to no reverse recovery characteristics. To reduce drain-source on resistance (RDS(on)) or increase the load current, the TDG100E90 can easily support parallel driving configuration. The use of the proprietary high performance GaNPX packaging allows very high frequency switching, extremely low inductance, and excellent thermal characteristics, enabling customers to significantly reduce the size and weight of power electronics.

“Teledyne e2v HiRel is pleased to be working with GaN Systems on solutions for the most demanding requirements in key applications for avionics, radar, satcom, space, and more,” said Mont Taylor, VP of Business Development for Teledyne e2v HiRel. “In addition to the currently released TDG650E60 650V GaN HEMT, the TDG100E90 compliments our portfolio with a lower voltage, higher current option providing GaN flexibility and choices to the HiRel power design community.”

Qualified TDG100E90 devices with bottom-side cooling are now shipping.

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