€5.5m for 50 qubit photonic quantum computer

€5.5m for 50 qubit photonic quantum computer

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By Nick Flaherty

QuiX Quantum in the Netherlands has raised €5.5m ($5.6m) to develop a photonic quantum computer based around its processor technology.

The seed round investment comes from PhotonDelta, and Oost NL. This is the first major investment by PhotonDelta since it secured €1.1bn in investment to expand the Dutch photonics ecosystem.

QuiX’s processors are already used for photonic quantum processing in the UK, France, Germany and Hungary with 12- and 20-qumodes, the optical equivalent of qubits in other quantum computer designs.

QuiX expects to launch a full system photonic quantum computer based on its 20 qumode processor in early 2023 and plans to launch a new generation 50 qumode processor in 2023. Increasing the number of qumodes from 20 to 50 takes the quantum machine from the equivalent of a laptop to a supercomputer.

The funding follows the appointment of industry veteran Dr Stefan Hengesbach as QuiX’s new CEO.

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“QuiX Quantum’s processors are already world leading and ideally suited to create the most powerful photonic quantum computer we have yet seen,” said Hengesbach. “This round brings us a huge leap forward towards this goal and will enable us to start production of a game changing 50 qumode processor. The technical terms around quantum computing can be very complicated, however, what we need to keep in mind is just how radical this technology is. It will impact every part of our lives from enabling truly smart cities and developing new drugs to answering some of the most profound questions about the nature of our universe.”

Ewit Roos, CEO of PhotonDelta, said: “QuiX Quantum is one of the Netherland’s most exciting startups. In only three years it has become an industry leader and now, with this initial investment, it will be able to make a serious breakthrough in quantum computing. Photonics is an incredibly powerful new technology that has scores of applications. QuiX Quantum is showcasing how it can be applied to overcome some major hurdles in quantum computing and underscoring why it is so important that we build our own European photonics industry.”

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