€500m for French quantum computer competition

€500m for French quantum computer competition

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By Nick Flaherty

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Five quantum computing startups are working on a €500m project to build a quantum computer for the French military.

The French Ministry for Armed Forces is funding the PROQCIMA competition to deliver of a universal fault-tolerant quantum computer demonstrator with 128 logical qubits by 2030 and its industrialization into a 2048-logical-qubits computer by 2035.

The selected companies: Alice & Bob, PASQAL, Quandela, C12 and Quobly will have access to funding of €500 million as they both compete and collaborate to push the French quantum ecosystem forward. The program is structured as a competition over the next 10 years. Three out of the initial five candidates will continue the program after four years, then only two winning companies will continue to get funding after the first eight years have passed. 

Quantum computers can be classified as analog, noisy or fault tolerant. Quantum computers with error-corrected logical qubits are expected to bear the full impact of universal quantum computation and the “cat qubit” developed by Alice and Bob is a new type of quantum bit specifically conceived to accelerate the path toward fault tolerant applications. 

“We are grateful for France’s commitment to invest in fault-tolerant quantum computing. This initiative will support establishing our global leadership and fueling the whole ecosystem’s growth,” said Théau Peronnin, CEO and co-founder of Alice & Bob. “We stand ready to contribute our cat qubit fault-tolerant architecture to PROQCIMA.”


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