EBV Elektronik and LNT Automation jointly develop display/touch evaluation kit

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This combination enables users to build a graphical user interface with a capacitive input system quickly and easily and to test it themselves.

The LNT EVK2TI1 consists of a 10-finger multi-touch sensor with a 7-inch diagonal and ultra-thin conductive trace routing for a particularly narrow edge. It is bonded onto 3mm strong glass and connected to the touch interface 1 controller board with the Atmel mxT768E, which is provided with the kit. The pre-installed firmware enables embedded implementation in I²C, SPI, RS-232 and host development computers running Linux and Windows with USB HID. All interfaces are documented on a USB thumb drive that comes with the kit. The display is an 800×480 TFT that is connected directly to the SoC FPGA via LVDS.

The SoCrates board includes a Cyclone V SoC (5CSEBA6U23C7N), providing logic density of 110K, 112 DSP blocks and 5.4 MB RAM. Socrates also offers multiple interfaces such as a UART-to-USB converter, the TFT-LVDS interface, a CMOS sensor interface as well as A/D and D/A converters. The USB-Blaster is also implemented on the board to facilitate the configuration and debugging of the Cyclone V SoC.

The display/touch kit is available from LNT

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