EBV Elektronik opens light laboratory for customers to perform photometric measurements

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Many luminaire manufacturers would like to make the leap from conventional filament and (C)FL lamps to LED lighting, but currently have neither the necessary design expertise nor the expensive measuring equipment. For many years now, EBV Elektronik has been helping these customers with their designs as part of its EBVLightSpeed activities. Starting in February 2012, EBV Elektronik will offer its customers a new service at its headquarters in Poing, near Munich: the light laboratory known as EBVLightLab. Radiometric and photometric measurements can be performed across the entire light chain: from measurements on individual LEDs or LED modules and comparative measurements of light sources (e.g. light bulbs versus CFL or LED solutions) right up to the complete measurement of entire luminaires. This will give even smaller companies access to exclusive, high-precision measuring technology. EBV Elektronik will also hold training and customer seminars in this new lab. In these training seminars, EBV will discuss the differences, advantages and disadvantages of the various light sources and give tips on optimum implementation of  luminaires adapted to the relevant application.

When selecting the equipment for the EBVLightLab, EBV made investments in the six-figure euro region and quite deliberately opted for an entire range of highly professional devices, most of which are manufactured in Germany. The list of the measuring devices includes two integrating spheres for 2π (half-space) and 4π (full-space) measurements, a spectroradiometer for reference measurements, a goniophotometer, a luminance spotmeter and a luxmeter.  This product range is complemented by special measurement/evaluation and control software, universal multimetres, a thermal camera and supplementary tools. Various pieces of equipment ranging from small tools through miniature drills to stations for soldering LEDs onto a star board ensure that users can carry out small modifications or repairs directly in the EBVLightLab themselves. 

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