EBV Elektronik releases the ‘SoCrates’ board

EBV Elektronik releases the ‘SoCrates’ board

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Altera SoC’s incorporate ARM technology, bringing very powerful solutions for applications that need very fast data processing. Besides the typical FPGA solutions, theSoC is proving of great interest for applications that use FPGAs and microcontrollers on two separate chips. EBV has designed the 10cm diameter circular board with the specific need of customers in mind. The main part of the SoCrates board is the SoC. It also offers drivers for Gigabit Ethernet, USB and CAN and a lot of general-purpose I/Os, plus a TFT interface and a camera input. You can run a Linux operating system on this board and build an embedded controller for graphical user interfaces. Another application is to encode the pictures from the camera input and build a video-over-IP reference design on it.

While EBV of course supports Altera’s design flow, it provides some software solutions as well. As the Linux OS demands a driver for every component, EBV will offer its own board support package for all the hardware components on the SoCrates board. The board can be used not only as a combination of FPGA and controller, but also as a controller with a very flexible set of peripherals that offers plenty of opportunities.

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