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NxDAT includes a host of features for navigation, visualization, sophisticated image measurement, cross-section analysis and repeatability analysis for accurate analysis and classification of defects. The enhanced version of NxDAT is optimized for better performance in terms of both speed and memory. Several new analysis options in the defect image analysis and defect-to-CAD database correlation area provide the user with more insight into nature of defect.

Udability improvement features such as customizable GUI layout, batch mode support, property based file opening and user-defined filters provide greater flexibility and efficiency to users. SoftJin provides a generic reader/writer plug-in interface through which various defect file formats can be easily supported. The new version of NxDAT supports SEMI’s P41-0304E mask defect data specification standard. It can load and stack multiple inspections in different formats. A direct interface is provided with Hotscope layout and mask data viewer, enabling the tool users to navigate through the defect data and at the same time visualize the corresponding region of CAD data in Hotscope.

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