Efficient and constant display backlighting

Efficient and constant display backlighting

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Even at high temperatures and high currents the MicroSideled 3806 from Osram Opto Semiconductors ensures stable light conditions on the display. The brightness of this LED, which is available in white and blue, remains constant throughout its lifetime. It also offers high efficiency so these semiconductor light sources are ideal for portable devices such as tablets and smartphones.
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Multifunctional devices such as tablets, ultrabooks and even smartphones need high brightness levels and good color rendering without draining the batteries too quickly. The MicroSideled 3806 has been designed specifically to meet these requirements. It is very efficient in white and also in blue, offers constant brightness throughout its lifetime of 15,000 hours (at 70% original brightness) and can withstand high temperatures and high currents.

The white version is a classic LED with chip and converter, achieving an efficiency of 150 lumen/watt (lm/W). For the white version, Osram offers a particularly fine binning for exact color matching. The efficiency of the blue MicroSideled is 55 percent, measured as the external quantum efficiency (EQE), in other words the ratio of the electrical power used to the emitted optical power.

This LED is designed for special display technology that uses quantum dots as conversion material. This conversion technology features a thin sheet with quantum dots in the backlighting. The sheet is illuminated by the blue LEDs. This in turn leads to an extremely narrow-band emission spectrum which accurately meets the color filters of the backlighting unit. Light losses are therefore kept to a minimum and the colors are more vibrant. System efficiency with this conversion technology is 10 to 15 percent greater than with classic white LED solutions. Coverage of the color space is also 33 percent better than with classic white LED systems.

Both versions are compact, measuring only 3.8 x 1.0 x 0.6 mm (length x width x height), and have good thermal conductivity with a thermal resistance of 66 K/W.

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