Electric cart stuns speed freaks

Electric cart stuns speed freaks

By eeNews Europe

The vehicle is the result of a joint design project of the University of Osnabrück with Wittenstein cyber motor GmbH and H-Tech AG. Manufactured by mechanical engineering students of the Osnabrück university under the guidance of professor Gerd Teröde, the cart is powered by ha high-performance battery from H-Tech and an electric motor from Wittenstein. With its acceleration, the Osnabrück vehicle undercut the existing record of 3.45 seconds significantly. The record drive took place on September 23 on an airfield in Niederstetten in the German state of Baden-Württemberg – under adverse weather conditions like strong wind and rain, as the protocol notes.

 The battery supplies a power of 3 kW, weighs 26 kilograms and has a nominal capacity of 60 Ah. The permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) excels through its high power density of 5.3 kW per kg and a weight of less than 25 kilograms. It stems a maximum torque of 164 Nm to the shaft, rotates at a speed up to 14.000 rpm and accelerates the vehicle to a top speed of 200 kmph – quite a velocity for this class of four-wheelers.

 The power electronics unit has been purpose-designed by the students team themselves. At a weight of 7.7 kg, it pumps up to 700 amps into the motor, which can develop a maximum output of 132 kW or 179 hp.

 The team has submitted its record speed to the Guinness Book of World Records. Given the speed at which electromobility is currently advancing, we would not rule out to see a new record soon. The world record for electric four-wheel vehicles in general, by the way, lies at 1.785 seconds to reach the 100 kmph mark. It has been achieved in November 2014 by a joint team of students of the ETH Zurich university and the Hochschule Lausanne university. Faster was only the Killacyle motorbike with breath-taking 1.1 seconds. But motorbikes live in a different universe anyway.

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