Electric Version of Toyota Land Cruiser almost drives up the wall

Electric Version of Toyota Land Cruiser almost drives up the wall

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By Christoph Hammerschmidt

Along with Extrem Fahrzeuge GmbH and FD 4×4 Centre – both companies focus on selling extravagant customized versions of Toyota’s Land Cruiser – Huber Group has designed and built an electric edition of Toyota’s HZJ7 Land Cruiser model for extreme environments such as underground mining. Huber Group, an expert in embedded automotive electronics, developed an all-electric powertrain along with the associated electronics, and integrated all these ingredients into the car.


For the system, Huber utilized series components and rearranged them in a custom architecture. The heart of the system is a homegrown electronic control unit based on a 23-bit Power microprocessor. This ‘High Performance Platform’ controls a powertrain of 90 kW with a maximum torque of 1410 Nm. Among the tasks of the platform are energy management for the high- and low-voltage systems, energy recuperation during braking, managing charging processes as well as monitoring battery safety parameters and all control processes relevant for functional safety. In addition, it manages the thermal budget of battery and electronics: A built-in heat pump keeps all components at optimum working temperature and heats the interior, if necessary.


In the basis version, the vehicle masters slopes up to 45%. With the High-Offroad option, the vehicle can climb gradients of 95% – theoretically, because at such gradients, the wheels simply do not provide enough friction to overcome the gravitation.


When fully charged, the 50 kWh battery drives the 3.5 ton vehicle over a distance of up to 150 km on paved roads or 80 to 100 km in the field. Onroad, the maximum speed is 130 kmph – quite a bit for a vehicle designed with mining deployments in mind. Under off-road conditions and at slopes of up to 15%, the maximum speed is reduced to 35 kmph.


The electronic control system – Huber’s High Performance Platform – enables users to retrieve diagnosis data via a built-in WiFi hotspot. Inside, the digital version of the Land Cruiser distinguishes itself from the standard version by its 10.6” cockpit display. Uses can chose between a number of different HMI skins for the display of all relevant variables such as battery status, temperature and speed. The cockpit panel also displays the images from the optional rear-view camera.


Huber did not elaborate on acceleration. However, with this climbing capacity, the electrified Toyota Land Cruiser can certainly outdistance all other electric top dogs. Plus, the mine workers can enjoy clean air instead of diesel exhaust. The Electric Cruiser will be shown to the public for the first time on June 24 at the FD 4×4 Centre in Bergeijk, The Netherlands.


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