Electromagnetic interference-filtered and transient-protected connectors

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This approach ensures a high energy pulse will not enter the main body of equipment but instead will be stopped at the chassis wall, enhancing equipment reliability and maintainability in military and aerospace applications. Transient-protected connectors traditionally use diode technology to shield sensitive circuitry from the energy surges associated with secondary lightning and EMP effects. The energy levels these diodes can safely absorb are limited by the power rating of the diodes currently available. For the highest transient levels (such direct lightning strikes as defined within level five of RTCA D160 Section 22, or primary EMP effects) even more robust energy protection capabilities are needed.

By combining discreet and proprietary technologies, and developing circuits that are matched to the signal types to be protected, Hypertac has now applied the protection experience of PolyPhaser – Transtector to integrate significant new levels of power and signal protection into a variety of its interconnect products.

Signal types such as power (AC/DC), high speed digital data, and radio frequency (RF) can be integrated and protected against high energy transients from direct lightning strikes and EMP pulses ranging from standard EMP to high altitude (HEMP) and non-nuclear (NNEMP)—all within the Hypertac connector. Connector types available as both filtered and with enhanced transient protection include rectangular styles such as ARINC 600, circular styles such as 38999, and D-Sub styles. Hypertac’s transient-protected connectors will also use Hypertac’s hyperboloid socket contact technology providing superior fretting, signal integrity, insertion force and mating cycle performance.

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