Elektrobit joins Eclipse Foundation’s Software Defined Vehicle (SDV) working group

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By Christoph Hammerschmidt

Elektrobit, provider of software solutions and services to the automotive industry, has joined the Eclipse Foundation’s Software Defined Vehicle (SDV) Working Group. The goal of the working group is to develop an innovative software platform for the automotive industry. According to its own press release, Elektrobit is collaborating with leading automotive, IT, cloud and service organizations to develop a platform and ecosystem that will drive innovation for the next generation of mobility solutions. The announcement coincides with press reports that Volkswagen Group’s software company, Cariad, plans to work more closely with Elektrobit Group parent Continental in the future to achieve its vehicle middleware development goals. Cariad also recently joined the Eclipse Foundation.

The increasing demand for personalization, connectivity and other software-defined features is bringing disruptive changes to the automotive industry. The resulting software-defined vehicles require more software and more powerful networking solutions to support their software-defined architectures. As a member of the SDV Working Group, Elektrobit aims to make a visible contribution to the transformation of the automotive industry in this regard. The working group is developing a common software platform that can be used royalty-free under an open license.

“Elektrobit brings over 35 years of automotive software experience to the Eclipse Foundation’s SDV Working Group. We look forward to working together to develop a new, innovative software platform for the automotive industry,” explained Mike Robertson, Vice President Global Product Management and Strategy at Elektrobit. “We believe in investing in open standards that drive collaboration and innovation in the industry. This belief is also demonstrated by our commitment as a founding Autosar member, member of SOAFFEE and now the Eclipse SDV working group.”

The focus of the Eclipse SDV Working Group is to accelerate innovation in in-vehicle automotive software stacks via open source and open specifications. It provides a forum for individuals and organizations – including Accenture, Arm, Bosch, Cariad, Continental, Microsoft, NXP, SUSE, Toyota and ZF Group – to develop and promote open source software, specifications and open collaboration models. This is necessary to create a scalable, modular, extensible, and industry-ready open source licensed vehicle software platform that supports the development and deployment of in-vehicle and off-vehicle applications.

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