Elpida says its sampling first 25-nm DRAMs

Elpida says its sampling first 25-nm DRAMs

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Japan's Elpida Memory Inc., this week laid claim to being the first memory supplier to sample DRAMs with circuit line widths of 25 nanometers.
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Elpida said it has been sampling 25-nm DRAM since late last month. The announced in May it had developed the industry’s first 25-nm DRAM devices.

Elpida said the 25-nm devices are DDR3 [double data rate 3] SDRAM with a memory capacity of 2-gigabits. A 25-nm 4-gigabit DDR3 SDRAM is expected to become commercially available by the end of 2011.

The 25-nm products will be used for PC and server applications, Elpida said. The process will also be used to develop applications for Elpida’s mobile RAM for use in various kinds of mobile devices, starting with the growth areas of smart phones and tablet PCs, the company said.

Special features of the 25nm SDRAM include lower current usage—roughly 15 percent less during operation, 20 percent less when on standby—compared with Elpida’s current advanced process 30-nm-generation products and one of the highest data transfer rates in the industry, according to Elpida.

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