Embedded contactless module available for volume shipments

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Now available for quantity shipments, this technology enables card manufacturers to produce their cards combining card bodies, with inlays without chips, and, at the end of the process, to embed a micro-module supporting the chip. This way, the manufacturing process is identical for contact, contactless and dual technology cards, allowing the smart card manufacturer to take advantage of the same production equipment. Card vendors only have to support one process making their production organization and management procedures more cost-efficient. Thanks to SPS Embedded Contactless Module, yields for contactless cards are now comparable to those of contact cards.

Previously, to produce contactless cards, manufacturers used to purchase inlays in sheets already mounted with the chip, and then, laminate them with plastic card sheets. This meant that many functional chips were lost when they were laminated with defective card bodies. For instance, card bodies defects may come from printing issues, hologram stamping issues, or creeping polycarbonate material… This process led to throw away many good functional chips because of defective card bodies, thus increasing the global cost of functional finished products. The whole process allows to achieve yields well over 99%, in line with the traditional contact card manufacturing process yields.

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