Embedded IDE can compile via GCC, LLVM, IAR or  Keil

Embedded IDE can compile via GCC, LLVM, IAR or Keil

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By Graham Prophet

The performance of the different compilers can be compared and the one generating the best code can be picked for the release build. For most applications, the GCC or LLVM/Clang compilers that come with Embedded Studio are used.


For an application that requires a commercial compiler for its release build, there is no need need to use the same compiler for all the members of a development team. A single licence for the commercial compiler is all that is needed, reducing total licensing costs. Embedded Studio also comes with a project importer supporting IAR and Keil tool chains, making the migration process easy.




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Embedded Studio is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) made by and for embedded software developers. Unlike a lot of other IDEs, it is not Eclipse based, very fast, intuitive and easy to use.


It is a complete solution for any ARM based processor, from legacy ARM7, ARM9 and ARM11 devices to Cortex-A, R and M, and comes with a system library that is optimized for embedded systems and GCC and LLVM compilers. Embedded Studio is platform independent and can be used on Windows, Mac OS-X and Linux hosts.


The software can be downloaded and installed in just a few minutes. It comes with a friendly licensing model that allows unlimited evaluation with no code size limit and free of charge use for educational purposes and hobbyists. The full functionality is available in this mode, a small “nag screen” is the only limitation. Full product specifications are available at:




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