In a press release, the exhibition management pointed out that since the outbreak of the coronavirus at the beginning of the year, two international exhibitions with more than 150,000 participants had already taken place at the Exhibition Centre in Nuremberg without any health problems resulting from the coronavirus. The preventive measures had “worked excellently”, according to the organizer. In addition, the development is being observed very closely and recommendations for action will be published promptly if necessary.

The focus of public interest is on visitors and exhibitors from China, the country of origin of the highly infectious coronavirus. However, there is no reason why trade fair participants from China should not come to the fair. “NürnbergMesse is an international exhibition venue and of course exhibitors and visitors from China also take part in our events,” says a separate announcement from the organizer. However, there is probably one exception: the organizer does not expect companies from Wuhan, the center of the pandemic, to be able to participate. This involves about five exhibitors. Overall, the organizer expects significantly fewer visitors from China than last year, but the decline will be around 1% of the total number of visitors. eeNews Europe’s inquiry as to how many exhibitors have so far cancelled their participation in the event due to the coronavirus remained unanswered until the publication of this article.

The organizer has implemented a number of health security measures at the Embedded World exhibition grounds. These include additional disinfectant dispensers on the grounds and increased cleaning for heavily frequented objects such as entrances, door handles and stairways. The medical stations are increasingly manned and equipped with professionally trained staff, it is said. The use of thermal imaging cameras to check visitors’ fevers or the wearing of face masks is not planned. On the other hand, the trade fair management recommends increased hand hygiene, referring to the relevant guidelines of the German Ministry of Health.


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