EMC screening options for plastic enclosures

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The default coating is a 10- or 20-micron silver-coated copper particle coating, which typically attenuates by 78dB at 10 GHz. The highest attenuation is achieved using a 22.5-micron silver coating, which gives in excess of 80dB at 1.5GHz. It provides an effective shield against RFI and EMI and can act as a ground plane to protect against electrostatic discharge (ESD). The design of the enclosure is important. A tongue and groove structure between the mating halves of an enclosure forms an effective complex path, improving the attenuation performance. Removable end panels are secured into an interference fit slot or, if fixings are used, a conductive gasket should be fitted to the mating surface. The rear face of plastic panels will have to be conductively coated, or if aluminium panels are used, the front surface will normally be anodised and the rear left with a natural finish or iridised, a RoHS-complaint conductive finish.

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