e•MMC and UFS flash memories target demanding applications

e•MMC and UFS flash memories target demanding applications

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By Graham Prophet

Toshiba Electronics Europe has added e•MMC and UFS NAND flash embedded memories that use enhanced integrated controller technologies to deliver significant read and write speed improvements in demanding applications.


In contrast to “raw” NAND flash memory solutions, e•MMC (Embedded Multimedia Card) and UFS (Universal Flash Storage) devices combine flash memory and the corresponding controller in a single package. This saves space and relieves host processors of the burden of key memory management functions including bad block management, error correction, wear levelling and garbage collection. As a result, e•MMC and UFS devices are easier to design in to systems than standalone memory ICs with a standard NAND Flash interface.


Toshiba’s ‘Supreme+’ e•MMC (JEDEC ver. 5.1) memories are available in capacities from 16 GB to 128 GB and are based on 15 nm MLC NAND flash technology. Sequential read and write speeds of 320 MB/sec and 180 MB/sec are around 2% and 20% faster than the read and write speeds of Toshiba’s previous devices[. Also, random read and write speeds are around 100% and 140% better than previous devices.


While e•MMC reaches a theoretical limit with an 8bit parallel interface of 400 MB/sec, UFS memory extends interface performance through high-speed differential signalling using the MIPI M-PHY interface. This results in a theoretical performance of 1166 MB/sec by supporting a two-lane MIPI M-PHY HS-G3 interface.


The UFS (JEDEC ver 2.1) devices are also based on 15 nm MLC NAND flash technology and can be supplied with capacities from 32 GB to 128 GB. Compared to previous devices sequential read and write speeds of 850 MB/sec and 180 MB/sec represent improvements of around 40% and 16%. Also, random read and write performances are around 120% and 80% better respectively.


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