Emulator speeds up CAN and power consumption debugging

Emulator speeds up CAN and power consumption debugging

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By Julien Happich

Renesas has integrated additional debugging features required for software development as solutions into the E2. Specifically, the new emulator reduces the time required to determine the cause of an error during CAN communication by providing a connection to the bus that allows message timing to be matched with executing code; it also makes it easier to determine the cause of current consumption peak by monitoring the current draw of the device and correlating that with the code. This enables system developers to potentially reduce development time in these areas to as little as one-tenth compared with the existing method of repeated program modification and downloads. Even when the modification/download cycle is necessary, the increased download speed of the E2 lessens its impact on the speed of the development cycle.

The new E2 Emulator features faster communication speeds between the MCU and emulator and parallelization of flash rewriting and data communication. These capabilities enable control program downloads up to twice as fast as Renesas’ existing E1 Emulator

As a CAN communication debugging function, the new E2 Emulator can stop the program when it detects that the interrupt response time has exceeded a specified limit, and record and display trace data relating to CAN communication reception and interrupt response processing simultaneously. The debugging function is provided as an industry first solution for measuring CAN communication response time that allows for clearer correlation between CAN communication and program operation.

This solution for measuring CAN communication response time can allow trace analysis of CAN communication and program operation to be performed by the emulator alone, and can significantly reduce the time required to determine the cause of an error.

The E2 Emulator offers a native hot plug connection on supported devices with no adapter required. It supports the CS+ integrated development environment, which is designed to make the inevitable cycles of editing, building, and debugging in the software development simple, easy to use, and secure.

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