End-to-end encryption app for the masses

End-to-end encryption app for the masses

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Mostly, users feared for their privacy, and to this day “Threema” is the most downloaded paid app in Apples App Store, claims the Swiss company.

While a number of companies claim to offer end-to-end encryption, some imply that one end is their secure server, which really means that users’ messages can be read by the company providing the encryption service.

With Snowden’s ongoing revelations about the NSA’s spying game, end-to-end encryption as he often recommended would certainly mean a more difficult access to personal data, forcing governments or any other spying entity to target specific individuals rather than accumulate data by attacking large data centers such as those of Facebook or Google.

To some extent, allowing end-to-end encryption messaging could take some of the pressure off social networks and email service providers’ shoulders, since they would no longer be holding the keys to decryption. Though wouldn’t handling unclear message be against their own interest around data mining, and is this likely to make sense for them even with growing consumer pressure?

Now with “Threema Gateway”, the Swiss company wants to give the same ease of use and security in communication to start-ups and other small and medium sized companies, providing an API that allows companies to encrypt messages to their employees and customers in order to communicate without privacy or security concerns — no matter what software they use to send messages.

Based on the reliable open source library NaCl, Threema is claimed to be the first crypto messenger providing an end-to-end encryption API.

It supports the forwarding of encrypted emails, confidential customer communications, mTAN, OTP (One-time passwords), alarms for emergency services, secure password exchange, and secure news channel for internal company communications, just to name a few features.

Signing up is free, then the company applies a rate per message starting at CHF 0.02.

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