Energous shows wireless charging, signs deal with Vivo

Energous shows wireless charging, signs deal with Vivo

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By Peter Clarke

Vivo is the sixth largest supplier of smartphones in the world and is owned by BBK Electronics, the same company that owns Oppo, the fourth largest brand and a smaller Chinese smartphone company called OnePlus.

Energous licenses its WattUp technology to manufacturers for integration into transmitting and receiving products of various shapes and sizes and uses Dialog Semiconductor plc as its exclusive supplier of ICs to implement the system.

Energous demonstrated its WattUp near field fast charging at the Mobile World Conference in Barcelona. It is based on a GaN power amplifier and DA4100 transmitter ASIC that, paired with the Energous GaAs receiver ASIC. Energous claims it offers higher system efficiency than coil-based charging solutions, delivering 20 watts of power to the receiver, with the ability to scale higher. With the elimination of coils the foot print is smaller.

“There is an incredible market opportunity that exists in the smartphone industry, and we believe Energous’ collaboration with Vivo has the ability to introduce the revolutionary WattUp technology to the masses and drive forward wireless charging 2.0 in a significant way,” said Mark Tyndall, senior vice president, corporate development and strategy, and general manager, emerging products business group at Dialog Semiconductor, in a statement issued by Energous.

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