Energy cost savings from LED Backlit TVs relevant to customers, analyst says

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By eeNews Europe

DisplaySearch investigated whether the cost savings from lower energy consumption outweigh the increased purchase price of LED-backlit LCD TVs. In comparing CCFL and LED-backlit 40” LCD TVs, basic configurations and Energy Star certified, LED-backlit sets were found to have lower life-cycle costs, under reasonable lifetime assumptions. The payback time for an entry-level LED-backlit TV is under two years in Europe, and under four years in California.

Paul Gray, DisplaySearch Director of TV Electronics Research, noted, “The benefits are clear, and it is surprising that TV set makers do not market this advantage." Today, consumers are attuned to fuel consumption in cars, and according to market studies they are equally mindful of electricity usage when choosing a TV. When compared to 3D as a marketing factor, energy consumption is far more important for customers.

Figure 1: LED as backlighting technology for TV screens will displace CCFL almost completely over the next couple of years.

In 2011, CCFL will have a slight edge over LED backlighting in the global TV market. However, already in 2012, LED will conquer more than 60 percent of the market, and by 2015 LED backlighting will have a market share of almost 100 percent.


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