Epishine aims to be world’s largest solar cell maker with new roll-to-roll production line

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By Nick Flaherty

Epishine is building a roll-to-roll production line for its flexible printed organic solar cells in Linköping, Sweden.

The company has an in-house pilot line for developing the organic solar cells from the research stage to industrial production and the new site will double capacity.

“It has provided us with a perfect space for growth as well as excellent conditions to develop, launch and scale our first products. Now we see the need to increase the volume and expand our production further” says Anna Björklou, CEO of Epishine.

The long-term vision is to become the world’s largest solar cell manufacturer, which is why the expansion potential has been key in choosing the new premises says Björklou. The company has already signed a licensing agreement with French manufacturer ASCA.

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The high efficiency cells are aimed at indoor use to replace batteries, and a sensor series that is powered by Epishine’s solar cells easily goes up in volumes of millions. “We need larger premises already for the higher demand we see in 2023, but it has also been important to build a facility with the possibility to increase capacity for billions of solar modules per year when really big projects take off,” said Mattias Josephson, co-founder of Epishine.

The capability of a solar cell printer with a bandwidth of 2.5m and speed of 1 meter per second is 70 million square meters of solar cells per year, equivalent to the output of a nuclear power reactor every month.

Epishine’s new location is being developed together with real estate company Corem. “Corem’s vision is to manage and develop properties for the future and we are excited to be able to be a part of Epishine’s continued progress and for a more sustainable future,” said Mikael Forkner, Regional Manager at Corem.

Another advantage of the new location is the ability to build additional facilities, allowing Epishine to scale quickly says Björklou. “We are really looking forward to this expansion. We want to meet the needs of more and more and larger and larger customers with the most climate-friendly solar cell we know,” she said.

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