Epoxy sealed long life lead acid battery for UPS and data centres

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By Nick Flaherty

The SWU line of long life lead acid batteries are manufactured with GS Yuasa’s proprietary HT Element X Alloy, which minimizes positive grid corrosion and active material plate shedding by substantially slowing positive grid growth. 

Initially available in six models, the SWU VLRA (valve regulated lead acid) batteries features a 10-year design life, epoxy sealed terminals to prevent post leaks, rugged UL 94V-0 ABS cases to minimize handling damage, plus a high gas recombination design. All models are compliant to UL1989 and IEC 60896-21+22. Operating temperature range is -40°C to +65°C and capacities are from 200WPC up to 600WPC @ 15-minute rate.

The SWU batteries provide security and long life in extreme climates where other VRLA batteries don’t survive by using proprietary lead alloys and active material additives. The HT Element X Alloy used in the SWU is a highly purified alloy developed by the Research Engineers at GS Yuasa in Japan, the world’s second largest battery maker. The first roll out is through GS Yuasa Energy Solutions, the US subsidiary that started operation this year to address the growing market for standby power in data centres. The company sees long life lead acid batteries as a key provider of standby power as it has a much longer life and deeper discharge cycle than lithium ion.

The key characteristic for the long life led acid battery is achieved by limiting the amount of a previously unknown specific impurity using state of the art analysis and control technology. Specifically engineered to minimize the negative effects of grid corrosion and using lead that is 99.99% impurity free results in extremely low float current and virtually eliminates thermal run away. Internal testing by GS Yuasa has shown batteries made with HT Element X Alloy significantly outperform competitors’ batteries in back-up applications such as data centres. 

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