ERNI Electronics expands its services and key components for commercial vehicles

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The company is addressing the areas of the driver’s cab, the exterior and the engine compartment of buses, construction machines, trucks, tractors and tractor units. To ensure reliable connections also in the case of higher currents, for these applications, ERNI draws on its wide-ranging expertise in press-fit technology, in the assembly of PCBs and as an EMS service provider.

“The range of services offered under the BLUEcontact Solutions label encompasses the complete project management from the first prototype through to series production, the routing of the PCBs, development and delivery of the mechanical components, plus the integration of the board component“, stated Mario Tolj, Project Manager BLUEcontact Solutions. „Our service offering is completed by a complementary product portfolio including a wide array of fuse sockets, relay sockets as well as PCB and cable connectors leveraging from the benefits of the flexible press-fit zone,“ added Thomas Engel, Project Manager BLUEcontact Solutions

Working closely with the customers, the key criteria are discussed in advance with regard to providing optimised BLUEcontact Solutions, for example: How much space is available for the central electronics? Is the installation position restricted? Is a housing necessary? Can the central electronics be implemented in the passenger compartment or does it have to go into a harsher environment? Is there a risk of condensation? How high is the stress due to vibration loads? Etc.
Within the scope of its BLUEcontact Solutions, ERNI also offers a wide range of power elements with a combined flexible and solid press-fit zone. Whilst the solid press-fit zone is used for absorbing the torque and providing a secure fastening, the flexible press-fit zone ensures efficient power transmission. In addition, the offering also includes a variety of fuse sockets, relay sockets as well as PCB and cable connectors for commercial vehicles with a flexible press-fit zone. The smooth press-fit technology prevents damage to the PCBs. Furthermore, this also produces a shock and vibration-proof connection coupled with high current carrying capacity.

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