Escatec signs Byte Lab as design partner

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By Nick Flaherty

Electronics manufacturing services (EMS) specialist Escatec has signed a design services deal with leading developer Byte Lab in Zagreb.

The deal enables Escatec to offer cost-effective product development, design, and prototyping services, in Europe, while Byte Lab will be able to offer its customers that need mass manufacturing services access to Escatec’s locations in Switzerland, the UK, Czechia, Malaysia and the US.

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“This partnership arose out of ESCATEC’s commitment and core value to always serve the best interests of our customers, and some customers have been indicating a desire to further control costs by shifting some product requirements closer to them in Europe,” said Alexandre Albin, ESCATEC’s Director of Strategic Development. “In Byte Lab’s case, some of its customers would like to scale up in a big way which would require their products to be manufactured across a geographically diverse production footprint.”

 “We see this as a very significant development as Byte Lab, in essence, becomes an extension of Escatec’s workbench, while Escatec becomes the exclusive, mass manufacturing partner for Byte Lab.”

Several Escatec customers have expressed their support for the partnership and that Byte Lab has already started channeling business to the company.

In May 2021, Escatec acquired UK-based JJS Manufacturing, which brought in large format electro-mechanical assembly and production facilities in the United Kingdom and Czechia. Escatec also has a long-standing cooperation agreement with Connecticut-based SMT that gives it a presence in the North American market.

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