Essemtec shows production of interactive LED panels at Productronica

Essemtec shows production of interactive LED panels at Productronica

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Swiss electronics production systems manufacturer Essemtec will show, during Productronica 2011, the manufacturing of the innovative LED light panel from Sensavo. This specialist company for LED lighting assembles its PCBs on Essemtec's SMD assembly line.
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Sensavo is a specialist in interactive light art. Its objects react to different environmental influences such as movement, acoustic events or brightness changes. The company’s latest innovation with regard to interactive light panels is FLUX 02 — this interactive light panel integrates capacitive sensors that create a colored light pattern according to changes in distance. Dynamic, interactive lighting adds another level to a room — humans are not just observers, they can even interact with the light.

The interactive light panels work completely independently with no need for any other external equipment. They are ready to operate directly after being powered on and they self-calibrate. The FLUX-System consists of single panels. Each panel measures 500 x 500 mm and can be expanded by simply connecting the panels to each other.

Customer-specific solutions and exceptional designs such as the ones by Sensavo require a high degree of flexibility and a quick reaction time. Flexibility is especially important in electronics manufacturing and LED assembly applications. Therefore, Sensavo has its PCBsv assembled at an Essemtec test-track. The automatic assembly line consists of an automatic SMD pick-and-place from the FLX series, an SP004 semiautomatic printer and an RO400FC full convection reflow oven.

The FLX is the best-selling flexible SMD pick-and-place system. It offers an extraordinary application range, ideal for high-mix production. It is ideal for special components, such as Feuerherdt GmbH’s contact springs, which can be assembled automatically. It features easy programming and set up as well as intelligent, programmable feeders (up to 310) that can be exchanged during operation.

The FLX2011 pick-and-place is a dispensing machine as well. The assembly head is expandable with two metering valves and can dispense two different liquids. Different dispensing valves can be installed, such as micro-jet valves, screw valves and time-pressure valves.

Productronica visitors can have a closer look at the manufacturing equipment as well as Sensavo’s work of art at Essemtec’s booth A3.358.  

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