ETAS, Deutsche Telekom join forces on security monitoring of vehicle fleets

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By Christoph Hammerschmidt

The Bosch subsidiary ETAS GmbH with its automotive security brand Escrypt and Deutsche Telekom Security GmbH have agreed on a contractual cooperation to protect vehicle fleets against cyberattacks.

Both partners now offer an integrated overall solution consisting of attack detection in the vehicle and fleet-wide security monitoring via a Vehicle Security Operations Center (VSOC). This enables vehicle manufacturers to continuously manage the risks of their fleets in accordance with the requirements of UN Regulation 155 (UN-R155).

UN-R155 as well as a growing number of national regulations make adequate vehicle security a prerequisite for type approval. In particular, vehicle manufacturers (OEMs) are thus obliged to permanently protect their vehicle fleets in the field against cyber-attacks. A Vehicle Security Operations Centre (VSOC) is considered a tried and tested solution here: The potential security incidents detected by the vehicles’ on-board sensors are aggregated and analysed there together with data from the OEM backend and fleet management. In the event of cyber-attacks on individual vehicles, effective countermeasures can be initiated and rolled out fleet-wide as software updates; in practice this will mostly be done via the air interface.

OEMs and fleet operators can outsource such security monitoring to service providers with an existing technological platform and corresponding teams of experts: external VSOC providers are comparatively inexpensive, rely on best practices and enable the cross-manufacturer exchange of threat data via Shared Threat Intelligence.

Through their partnership, ETAS and Deutsche Telekom Security now jointly offer dedicated VSOC services for the automotive sector globally. ETAS has been a leading provider of automotive security solutions for over 15 years with its Escrypt brand. Deutsche Telekom Security operates an integrated Cyber Defense & Security Operation Center with more than 250 security specialists worldwide, who provide round-the-clock support to more than 70 customers from various industries.

Rene Sterzenbach, Head of Solution Sales Automotive Security at Deutsche Telekom Security: “This strategic partnership enables us to optimally map the protection needs of networked vehicles. For car manufacturers and fleet operators, this allows them to implement continuous risk management for their fleets effectively and without investment risk.”

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