ETSI partners with T&D Europe to drive smart grid standards

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ETSI’s recent Smart Grid workshop, which was organized in partnership with T&D Europe, highlighted the importance of standardization in this emerging field. Through this agreement, T&D Europe will provide input and requirements from the electricity transmission and distribution industry to ETSI’s Smart Grid standardization activities. T&D Europe’s members will be able to validate ETSI’s standards, ensuring that they meet the needs of the Smart Grid industry.

Mr Ralf Christian, President of T&D Europe, said: "T&D Europe is contributing to the international and European works of Smart Grids on a broad front and we fundamentally support with ETSI the coordinated development of standards, which should be in line with the current international standards framework to foster the deployment of Smart Grids.”

Dr Walter Weigel, ETSI Director-General, said: "ETSI’s partnership with T&D Europe will ensure that the electricity transmission and distribution industry is represented in ETSI’s Smart Grid standardization work. This agreement extends ETSI’s industry-driven approach to ICT standards into this emerging field."

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