ETSI teams for 6G standards

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By Nick Flaherty

The 6G Smart Networks and Services Industry Association (6G-IA) and European standards group ETSI have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to bring local research into 5G and 6G into the wider standardization landscape for industrialisation.

The 6G-IA brings together a global industry community of telecoms and digital actors such as operators, manufacturers, research institutes, universities, verticals, SMEs and ICT associations.

The main aim is to contribute to Europe’s leadership on 5G, 5G evolution and 6G research and the group represents the private side in both the 5G Public Private Partnership (5G-PPP) and the Smart Networks and Services Joint Undertaking (SNS JU). In the 5G-PPP and SNS JU, the European Commission represents the public side.

The SNS JU is launching its first phase of 5G / 6G research projects, many of which will play a crucial role in the definition of next generation networks. These will be highlighted at the ETSI Research Conference on 6-8 February 2023 Colin Willcock, 6G-IA Board Chair, will chair a session of the event addressing National 6G Research Initiatives and Links to SNS JU.

There are already a number of 6G research projects underway across Europe:

Major 6G project starts in Europe

The partnership with ETSI is a key move, boosting involvement in the Research, Innovation and Standards Ecosystem (RISE) group as well as the ETSI Technology Radar (ETR) activities mapping emerging technology areas. 6G-IA is also interested in the vision and societal challenges working activities of ETSI RISE group.

ETSI standards

Specifications developed by ETSI with more than 900 member organizations from over 60 countries and five continents  are converted into key European and global standards.

“ETSI is at the forefront of innovation, and we recognize the essential role of cutting-edge research in enabling strong and relevant world-class standards. Our close collaboration with 6G-IA demonstrates our shared interests in evolving technologies in Europe and will certainly be fruitful for both organizations,” says David Boswarthick, Director of New Technologies in ETSI.

“The 6G-IA is driving the development of 6G in Europe with the creation of the Smart Networks and Services partnership together with the European Commission. This major research program will invest at least 1.8 billion Euros into 6G research in the period 2021-27. Joining forces with ETSI, the European standards organization for mobile telecommunications was a natural move forward for us,” said Willcock at 6G-IA..



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