European PCAP touch technology centre opens in London

European PCAP touch technology centre opens in London

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The Centre comprises a demonstration, innovation and development studio, giving medical, industrial, POS, white goods and other non-consumer goods manufacturers access to andersDX’s extensive range of PCAP projected capacitive touch components, solutions and technology. These deliver an iPad type look and feel, and overcome the traditional technical and commercial challenges of long life availability and compliance with specific environmental requirements.

The Centre also facilitates the andersDX Flushtouch ‘custom PCAP design’ service, which leverages proven processes from over 40 years of custom LCD projects. FlushTouch solutions comprise a standard, custom or semi-custom TFT integrated with a standard or custom PCAP sensor and custom coverlens. Custom PCAP/coverlens structures including Glass/Glass, Glass/Film and Single Glass are available.

The service adds industrial design and aesthetics to extended PCAP functionality. Touch sensors can be taken beyond the active display area and then bonded to a customised coverlens of a pre-selected thickness, made from a choice of materials for improved hardness and scratch resistance.

From a design perspective, the coverlens can be in different colours with square or rounded corners, intricate cutouts, LED light guides for backlit effect, printed logos in multiple colours, and printed pushbuttons which use the extended touch sensor.

Also available are some unique and patented solutions to the environmental compliance issues alluded to above – for example, PCAP sensors that work through two layers of surgical gloves, or outdoor leather gloves. Market-winning niche integrations also include PCI certified solutions for Secure Pin Entry and Signature capture for POS applications, and integrated antennas for NFC.

Flushtouch designs specify integrating the TFT, sensor and coverlens, using OCA or optical bonding, into a single module, manufactured in a single location – just one part number on a BOM for customers and only one supplier responsible for QA. European FAEs from the Centre then work closely with customers to solve sensor tuning, electrical, software and any other issues related to integrating the final touch display modules into their OEM enclosures.

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