European startup ships first commercial quantum processor

European startup ships first commercial quantum processor

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By Nick Flaherty

Quantware’s 5 qubit Soprano QPU (quantum processing unit) is based around supercooled superconducting transmon qubits similar to those used by quantum computers built by IBM, D-Wave and Rigetti. Transmons qubits are cooled below liquid helium temperatures and controlled via microwaves.

The QPU has customisable qubit configuration and features with 99.9% single-qubit gate fidelities. The qubit states are stable for more than 10µs (subject to the quality of the stack) and Quantwave also offers a traveling wave parametric amplifier (TWPA) that introduces the minimum amount of noise allowed by nature, with a 18dB gain over 1.5 GHz. This TWPA, called Crescendo, is available for pre-order.

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The Soprano QPU is delivered as a die or fully packaged, with optional device shielding with a 30 day lead time. The devices are built by partner TU Delft.

QuantWare is working with Delft Circuits, Qblox, Orange Quantum Systems and the QuTech research institute at TNO on standards for quantum computing proposed to CEN-CENELEC.

These standards cover a modular division of quantum computer hardware to map to the Soprano QPU, and new proposals are looking at functional specifications, interworking and interfacing.

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