Evaluation bundle to boost Aurix Autosar developments

 Evaluation bundle to boost Aurix Autosar developments

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By Nick Flaherty

HighTec EDV-Systeme in Germany has released an ‘evaluation bundle’ based on the Aurix TC4x from Infineon Technologies.

The MCAL evaluation bundle from HighTec and Infineon simplifies the Autosar development process for the latest Aurix TC4x multicore automotive microcontroller family by providing all necessary tools in one package.

The Aurix TC4x controllers are aimed at the latest zone and domain controller projects as well as engine management systems. The MCAL Evaluation Bundle includes the TC4x BASIC MCAL Package with all essential drivers for hardware abstraction and the EB tresos tool for easy configuration and integration.

An essential piece of the bundle is the HighTec’s automotive grade LLVM-based TriCore C/C++ compiler: Being optimized for the TriCore architecture, HighTec’s ISO 26262 ASIL D qualified compiler ensures the highest performance for safety-critical applications based on TC4x microcontrollers.

The integrated development environment (IDE) comes with an integrated debugger, which further simplifies coding and testing of applications. Project examples with getting started documentation and a MCAL GUI that complement the AURIX TC4x MCAL Evaluation Bundle.

This enables software engineers to reduce setup time and increase the productivity of development processes even for more complex Autosar projects using ISO 26262 ASIL D certified tools for embedded software development, the real-time operating system PXROS-HR, and a wide range of design-in services.

“The Aurix TC4x MCAL Evaluation Bundle will greatly enhance our AURIX ecosystem,” said Thomas Schneid, Senior Director Software, Partnership & Ecosystem Management at Infineon. “It extends our ease-of-use approach to the AURIX MCALs and reduces the setup time for software development engineers. We are happy to cooperate on this with our long-term partner HighTec, who provides a highly optimized LLVM based TC4x compiler and excellent technical support, including AUTOSAR and MCAL.”

“With this one-stop-shop bundle approach, we boost the productivity of engineers to evaluate MCALs and AUTOSAR on Aurix TC4x,” said Mario Cupelli, CTO of HighTec EDV-Systeme. “Together with our highly optimized C/C++ and Rust compiler, we provide efficient and dependable tools for AURIX including support of integrated co-processor such as PPU. This aligns with our strategy of offering safe and secure solutions based on innovative open-source technologies.”

The Aurix TC4x MCAL Evaluation Bundle is available immediately from HighTec with a three month evaluation license with option to extend.

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