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The chip-on-board modules are mounted directly onto the printed circuit board without the need of a holder or mounting bracket. This ensures efficient heat dissipation. The ceramics substrate enables thermal resistances of less than 2°C/W; the COB with the highest wattage in this product family even features a thermal resistance of just 0.8°C/W. This efficient thermal dissipation results into a high reliability and a long operating life.

The JU series is suited to replace existing conventional lighting solutions in general interior lighting applications as well as for spotlights. All COBs of the JU series passed the LM80 tests. They are now available in ANSI binnings from 2700K through 6500K; by Q1/2014 they will be transferred to MacAdams Step 3. Currently they are in sampling; by end of the year they can be purchased from Endrich in production quantities.

Further options planned for 2014 include Colour on Demand (ColorChoice), versions for high operating voltages from 45V to 250V, and CRI values higher than 90.

The special feature for the Color on Demand versions will be the continuous adjustability of the colour temperature between 2700K and 5700K. For this purpose, the LEDs are segmented into an area with 2700K and one with 5700K; both can be controlled individually. These devices will be offered in wattages of 8W, 18W and 28W. Maximum current load is 350mA. To achieve a colour temperature of, for example, 4000K, both segments need to be driven with a current of 175mA.

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