Exploring through-wall presence detection

Exploring through-wall presence detection

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Based on the use of radio waves, rather than infrared, ultrasound or light, the company’s X2M1000 Inspiration modules can detect presence just from the chest movement while breathing, and measure both the rate and depth of breathing, allowing breathing patterns to be tracked in real-time for a plethora of presence and health-care monitoring applications.

The technology ‘sees through’ a variety of objects including lightweight building materials, duvets and blankets to provide non-contact sensing at a range of up to several metres, within a 60° field of view.

The XTIK Inspiration Kit offers a quick start for proof of concepts and prototyping. It includes two X2M1000 Inspiration modules (50x70mm), two USB communication boards, the XeThru Explorer software for module configuration, data logging and visualisation, and a programmer unit in case the firmware needs to be updated. Each package comes in a practical briefcase with room for additional hardware.

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