Factory Intelligence System for Industry 4.0 automation

Factory Intelligence System for Industry 4.0 automation

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MTEK in Sweden has launched a Factory Intelligence System that can collect data from any machine on the factory floor for process analysis as part of Industry factor automation
By Nick Flaherty


The MBrain Factory Intelligence System combines process analysis and manufacturing control for a significant increase in efficiency. The company has used its experience with MCell, a fully customizable automation and robotics module, to collect data from any machine on the factory floor and link this to analysis software.

“The machines and processes in every production ecosystem contain huge amounts of data and too often these days this data is in silo applications,” said Tord Johnson, CTO of MTEK. “There has never been an intuitive way to use it to pinpoint cause and effect to provide the feedback needed to improve performance. MBrain connects to any machine in the factory and correlates machine data with production output to measure performance and quality through the use of advanced analysis tools such as real-time SPC and artificial intelligence via drag and drop to improve.”

Through cross-process analysis, MBrain creates the logical connection between operational performance and financial results and scales across the entire company. It further simplifies continuous improvement in Industry 4.0 factory automation with a real-time quality toolbox and streamlines production planning, control and traceability.

“We firmly believe that accelerating the journey to the smart factory will make manufacturers more competitive, efficient, and improve their factory and financial performance, regardless of their geographic location,” said Mattias Andersson, Founder and CEO of MTEK. “We are confident that we can support manufacturers on their journey to digitization by uncovering the value of the data present in the manufacturing processes. MBrain is a factory intelligence system that takes a systematic approach to extract information and thereby achieve real improvements in performance achieve”.

MBrain was designed in such a way that it can be operated intuitively for the user and easily integrated into the existing software landscape. It creates a network with production machines and processes as well as the existing IT infrastructure over the entire product life cycle, from design to the end of its service life.


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