Family of digital signal controllers optimised for power and lighting

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The 16bit dsPIC33FJ09GS302 family also brings new features while lowering power consumption, enabling higher efficiency in AC-DC and DC-DC power supplies, HID and LED lighting, solar inverters and other power-conversion applications.
The five-member family is optimised for digital-power applications via integrated high-speed ADCs, a zero-wait-state signal processing core, and flexible high-resolution PWMs. These peripherals are integrated for streamlined interoperation, enabling sub-microsecond digital control loops. Other key features of this family include on-chip analogue comparators with programmable hysteresis and rail-to-rail operation, and an on-chip PMBus address selection current source to reduce external components. These new DSCs offer the lowest power dissipation of any of the GS family members and are the first available in a 20-pin SSOP package and the even smaller 36-pin VTLA package, which has a 5×5 mm footprint and enables the efficiency of full digital control in more cost-sensitive, lower-wattage power-conversion applications.
The new MPLAB Starter Kit for Digital Power (DM330017) priced at $129, also announced today, allows customers to explore digital power conversion using Microchip’s dsPIC33 “GS” architecture in popular digital power-conversion topologies. The Kit includes a buck converter and a boost converter with onboard programmable loads for each, together with an LCD display for voltage, current, temperature and fault conditions.
An onboard debugger/programmer with a USB interface is also included. Microchip has a wide range of reference designs, demonstrating various digital power-conversion applications and topologies, such as the recently introduced ‘Platinum-rated 720W AC-DC’ and the ‘Enhanced Solar Microinverter’ reference designs.
All five members of the dsPIC33FJ09GS302 family are available today for sampling and volume production. The dsPIC33FJ06GS001 and dsPIC33FJ06GS101A are offered in 18-pin SPDIP and SOIC, as well as in 20-Pin SSOP packages. The dsPIC33FJ06GS102A, dsPIC33FJ06GS202A and dsPIC33FJ09GS302 are offered in 28-pin SOIC, SSOP, SPDIP and QFN, as well as in 36-pin VTLA packages.


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