Fanless modular PSU outputs 600W from small 1U profile

Fanless modular PSU outputs 600W from small 1U profile

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By Graham Prophet

The company positions the product as the only such modular, fanless supply available; and quotes an MTBF figure of 400,000 hours, with a 5-year warranty. It is a multiple-output, open-frame design that is rated at up to 94% efficiency: efficiency is preserved over a wide range of delivered power, only dropping to 90% below 25% of full load rating.


600W output is available with natural convection cooling, airflow required, and also does not depend on heatsinking or attachment to a cold wall. The PSU provides higher input surge protection of 4 kV Line to PE for operation in harsh environments, reverse energy protection without the use of external blocking diodes as well as safety certified operation at altitudes of up to 5000m. A 24W, medically isolated, auxiliary supply is available as a standard feature, offering effectively another output for system intelligence, control, displays etc. the company notes the very many equipment designs that, even in standby, are ‘always-on’ to the extent of requiring a monitor to be powered. The auxiliary output satisfies this need. Control of the supply can optionally be analogue or digital, via PMBus.


Excelsys (Cork, Ireland) says it has been able to achieve the product’s specification by careful design without using “exotic” devices or topologies – the supply employs silicon power switches and the company has not yet found it necessary to adopt, for example, GaN devices. It categorises the architecture as ‘modular resonant’; the design uses a high (380V) intermediate voltage, and advanced, multi-layer, planar transformer designs.


The CX06S is available with full safety certifications to IEC60950 2nd edition for industrial applications whereas the CX06M carries IEC60601-1 3rd edition & IEC60601-1-2 4th edition (EMC) for medical applications. Medical features include BF rating (Body Floating), dual fusing, 2 x MOPP, <300 µA leakage current. Other features include 4 kV input surge immunity and the ability to withstand input voltages of up to 300 VAC for 5 seconds suiting it for use in remote locations and those subject to input voltage disturbances.


The CoolX600 can be populated with up to four CoolMods (output modules), providing up to four isolated DC outputs ranging from 2.5V to 58.0V. Isolation is between outputs as well as input-output. Outputs can be configured to the required set point voltages and connected in parallel/series for higher output current/voltages: N+1 redundancy is available. The CoolX platform is completely user-field-configurable so engineers can configure and reconfigure without voiding warranty or affecting safety. Mounting options include base, side and DIN Rail alternatives.


CoolX600 products have the following safety agency certifications; Medical; EN60601 3rd Edition and 4th Edition compliance, 2 MOPP, Dual Fused and BF rating. For industrial applications; EN60950, EN62386-1, ISO9000, SEMI F47 and for Defence and Aerospace; MIL810G and MIL461 certified and CE101/102.





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