Fanless multi-functional board targets versatile industry 4.0.

Fanless multi-functional board targets versatile industry 4.0.

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AAEON's Gene-SKU6 is a small multi-functional board designed for low-power operation in confined environments.
By Julien Happich


The fanless unit boasts a unique layout with the CPU(i7-6600U) located on the solder side of the board, which is consolidated by a heat spreader that facilitates quiet, fanless heat dissipation and vertical space reduction. The GENE-SKU6 offers multiple expansion platforms, such as MiniCards, mSATA and AAEON’s unique BIO interface, which provides for speedy, dynamic customization and fast turnaround time, making it suitable for most industrial or embedded computing applications. PoE (Power over Ethernet) support is also available for optional expansion. As an Intel Core i solution, it can be used in consolidating surveillance systems, data analysis and other forms of smart industrial factory controls.


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