Fanless System-on-Module for extended industrial temperature

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They are pin compatible to the MPX2020 products supporting P2020 CPUs. Designs based on these platforms are software compatible, sharing the e500 Power Architecture core and peripherals, as well as being fully software compatible with the existing PowerQUICC processors. Based on 45 nm technology for low power implementation, the P1013 (single core) and P1022 (dual core) processors provide smart power solutions in the 600 MHz to 1055 MHz performance range, along with advanced security and a rich set of interfaces. Providing a migration path from Freescale’s popular PowerQUICC II Pro processor family, the P10xx series offers a performance upgrade in the same power envelope, which enables low power consumption, fan-less system designs on small form factor solutions.

The 66x77mm modules include either a QorIQ P1013 or a P1022 CPU running at 1.0 GHz. The CPU features a DDR2/DDR3 memory controller, two 1 GB Ethernet interfaces with IEEE Std 1588 TM precision time protocol option and interfaces 2 x USB 2.0, SD/MMC and three PCI-Express I/Os. Typical memory is 1 GB DDR2-RAM (2 GB on the MPX1022) and up to 512 MB NAND Flash. As additional I/O SPI-, I2C-, two SGMII and five SerDes (up to 3.125 GHz) interfaces are available. On top one LCD (display), one TDM/I2S (VoIP/audio) and two SATA devices can be connected. The MicroSys miriac standard includes the definition of the 2 x 208 pads to connect the SoMs to peripherals and system extensions. The innovative elastomeric connector technology offers an easy means to stack extension modules on the front and back side of the SoM.

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