Farnell element14 adds Microchip SAM L10 and SAM L11 MCUs and Evaluation Kits

Farnell element14 adds Microchip SAM L10 and SAM L11 MCUs and Evaluation Kits

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The devices are low-power 32-bit MCUs that offer chip-level security and Arm TrustZone Technology.

The low-power SAM L10 allows users to develop secured applications without battery constraints. Its ultra-low power consumption makes it suitable for a range of IoT applications. The SAM L11 additionally features integrated hardware security giving users increased security.

The MCUs run at 32 MHz with up to 64 KB Flash and 16 KB SRAM. They incorporate an enhanced Peripheral Touch Controller and advanced analogue features. The devices are available in 24- and 32-pin package options.

In addition to having an EEMBC certified ULPMark of 405, the SAM L10 and SAM L11 are built with picoPower technology and provide flexible power saving modes. They are supported with power debugging and data visualiser tools.

The enhanced Peripheral Touch Controller (PTC) provides water tolerance and high noise immunity. The interface is four times faster than previous generations of PTCs and provides highly-responsive and accurate touch sensing. It is supported by the QTouch Configurator and QTouch Modular Library.

The chip-level security incorporated into SAM L11 MCUs is based on ARM TrustZone technology. Chip-level tamper resistance will help protect from cloning and intellectual property theft. Both MCUs are available as development kits: the SAM L10 and SAM L11 Xplained Pro Evaluation Kits. These are fully supported with security, low-power and touch demos.

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