Fast and cost-effective NFC programming for LED drivers

Fast and cost-effective NFC programming for LED drivers

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The NLM0011 and NLM0010 NFC wireless-configuration ICs have a configurable PWM output, designed for LED applications. They use a PWM signal directly to control the analogue driver IC, reducing the BoM cost compared to an MCU solution.

Both chips have passive and active mode. In passive mode, the LED driver module has its PWM-related parameters configured wirelessly through the NFC interface while unpowered. In active mode, as soon as the voltage supply is powered, a PWM output is generated from the stored parameters. The external R/C filter, converts the PWM signal to the desired DC voltage, which controls the current output of an LED driver.

The NLM0011 also features an integrated constant lumen output (CLO) function to compensate for the luminous flux drop (ageing effect) of the LED module by automatically adjusting the LED current to the ageing characteristics of the LEDs. The integrated operation-time counter (OTC) and stored LED degradation curve in the CLO table, allows the NLM0011 to automatically adjust the PWM duty cycle to compensate.

The devices are designed to work alongside mainstream analogue driver ICs without the need for firmware development. They can be adopted into existing designs to replace the “plug-in resistor” current configuration concept. Non-volatile memory (NVM) including UID (Unique Identification Data) and 20 bytes free memory is also included in the devices.

The solution is compatible with existing analogue LED-driver designs and the NFC programming specification from the Module-Driver Interface Special Interest Group (MD-SIG). The NFC-PWM series devices can also be used in applications such as motor control and SMPS.

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