Ferroelectric RAM chips ready up to 256kbit

Ferroelectric RAM chips ready up to 256kbit

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OKI Semiconductor (part of the ROHM Group) is developing a new memory technology called ferroelectric RAM (FeRAM) that extend the company's memory line-up already consisting of EEPROM, DRAM and P2ROM. FeRAM is a non-volatile memory that uses a ferroelectric film as a capacitor for data storage.
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Compared to other non-volatile memory as EEPROM and Flash is has the advantage of a much lower power consumption (1:400 or less), a high-speed writing (similar to DRAM) and a significant higher number of writing cycles (1012 times). Together with the data retention of 10 years these features enable engineers to use FeRAM in many applications, where a reliable storage of data is mandatory such as accounting, configuration and status information in consumer, industrial and car multimedia applications. The chips are available in 8-bit configuration and operate from a 3.3V supply in the -40 to +85°C industrial temperature range. The current line-up include 32kbit density with SPI I/F in a SOP8, 64kbit density with I2C I/F in a SOP8, 256kbit density with SPI I/F in a SOP8 and 256kbit density with parallel I/F in a TSOP28 package.

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