Fill-level monitoring and mobile container positioning sensor

Fill-level monitoring and mobile container positioning sensor

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Data from the Wilsen.sonic.level sensor is recorded at regular intervals and uploaded to the cloud with the current geolocation. The autonomous wireless sensor is battery-operated to be used in mobile containers.

The Wilsen.sonic.level sensor can be used in a variety of wireless networks. One product version features a GSM(2G) interface for public mobile networks. A second variation provides a LoRaWAN interface for privately operated low power wireless networks. An appropriate remote location is available on the internet for the sensor data depending on the selected wireless network. LoRaWAN sensors can send telemetry data to the network and application server of any LoRa network operator. The public GSM mobile wireless standard uses Wilsen.service middleware to act as a secure remote location for receiving and forwarding the telemetry data.

Wilsen.service handles the decoding and the targeted forwarding of the sensor data, as well as secure device management. Wilsen device management enables automated application parameterization of IoT sensors and a structured roll-out for software updates.

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