Film capacitors suitable for DC filtering

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Available in large case sizes up to 35 litres, the new FFLC Series capacitors exhibit higher specific energy than equivalent solutions (up to 240J/l) and feature AVX’s controlled self-healing technology, which enables safe, high reliability, long lifetime performance with no risk of explosion. Also available with a low stray-inductance option that tolerates high frequency ripple current, the series is ideal for DC filtering in any variety of power conversion applications, but is particularly well-suited for applications that require enhanced safety and reliability, including: rail applications, such as main or auxiliary inverters; new energy applications, such as wind turbines and solar PV inverters; and industrial applications, such as motor drives.

Using metallised, segmented polypropylene film encased in unpainted, rectangular, resin-filled aluminium cases, FFLC Series capacitors have either four M8/15 female connections or four M12/30 male connections. Voltage ratings for the series span 800V to 1350V, capacitance values span 1750 µF to 20,600 µF, and parasitic inductance values span 32 nH to 55 nH. Exhibiting a ±10% tolerance, FFLC Series capacitors feature a maximum RMS current value of up to 400A and an average lifetime of 100,000 hours at rated DC voltage, 70°C hot-spot temperature, and a <2% change in capacitance value.



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