Finger print sensors make it onto mass-produced smartcards

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By Julien Happich

This bank card has integrated EMV dual interface chip, capacitive fingerprint sensor, and a rechargeable battery.  This card can last for more than 300 usages on a single full charge. 

Jinco Universal is a world leader in the powered smart card industry. A year ago the company has entered into a contract agreement with the bank to supply 3 million cards over a 3-year period but mass production has only started recently and half a million biometric fingerprint bank cards could be delivered this year. 

The biometric fingerprint card has to comply with requirements set forth by the Korean authorities, it has been certified by KISA for software reliability, KFTC for financial IC security, and KTC for card physical stability. 

Jinco also won another biometric fingerprint card project for a European metropolis, according to Ted Lin, chairman of the Taiwanese company. This biometric fingerprint card will be used as a taxi driver’s license card, it will be a passive battery-less card with integrated dual interface EMV technology. About 150,000 cards will be used for this project.

For another on-going project, Jinco is producing a membership card containing a 1.3-inch dot matrix display, a dynamic magstripe (which can replace up to 8 magstripe cards), and a rechargeable battery. A future version will be equipped with a biometric fingerprint sensor too.

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