Finless heat sinks optimize LED reflector lamp performance

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By eeNews Europe

The user maintains the same warm, high color-rendition of familiar incandescent lamps, with 87% energy savings and up to 12x the life. The new family of Litetronics lamps is fully dimmable on most dimmers.

The LED R and BR reflector lamps are ideal for users looking to preserve the lighting appearance of incandescent, with the energy-efficiency gains of state-of-the-art LED in commercial, institutional, even high-end residential, installations; retrofit or new.

The LED R and BR lamps feature sleek, contemporary designs with wide-perimeter frosted lens that do not exhibit any ‘hot spots’. The lamps closely replicate incandescents in appearance and size, but with much greater energy savings and 25,000 hour operating life.  

LED 8-watt R20 models compare favorably to 50-watt incandescent lamps; LED 12-watt BR30 models compare to a 85-watt incandescent; and the LED BR40 models compare to a 120-watt incandescent, using just 16 watts. All models are available in 2700k, 3000k and 4000k color temperatures.

LED R and BR reflector lamps are instant-on full-brightness devices which have been tested for seamless flicker-free dimming. Heat sinks are ultra-thin, lightweight and dissipate heat faster than use of heavy metal fins, for optimal thermal maintenance. With R and BR, users get high lumen output, high lumens-per-watt, and long operating economy.


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