Firmware eases industrial-grade TSN network configuration

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Tool-assisted configuration with the MultiConfig tool in Industrial HiVision enables TSN configuration without laboriously logging in to each device and setting parameters, such as time synchronization and the TSN schedule, individually. The combination of Industrial HiVision and the TSN firmware on the switches makes TSN actually usable in production as well as evaluation. With an extension to the integrated dashboard function, Industrial HiVision can visualize TSN schedules and allows the operator to monitor the TSN operation. Based on standardized IEEE 802 Ethernet technology, TSN can be seamlessly integrated into existing Industrial Ethernet infrastructure to provide enhanced functionality. The unique MultiConfig feature of Industrial HiVision provides a single TSN tool to configure everything from an individual switch up to an entire automation network. Industrial HiVision can be used free of charge to configure and supervise up to 16 devices. Based on open standards, the Hirschmann products offer a future-proof solution as the TSN integration commences with the existing Industrial Ethernet ecosystems. The latest release 07.3.00 of the Hirschmann HiOS operating system supports the Industrial Ethernet switches RSPE and OCTOPUS II. The OCTOPUS II is the world’s first IP67 Industrial Ethernet switch with TSN capabilities. TSN functionality is available as a free of charge firmware upgrade, providing a great opportunity to get familiar with this key technology, without the need for a starter kit.

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