First 3D LiDAR movement-based false alarm reduction

First 3D LiDAR movement-based false alarm reduction

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By Jean-Pierre Joosting

Quanergy Systems has announced upgrades to its QORTEX DTC™ and Q-View software products, which underpin the company’s Flow Management portfolio, including its MQ-8 series of LiDAR sensors. The marquee features in these new releases include significantly improved accuracy and drastic reduction in false alarm, thanks to the industry’s first motion-based noise reduction mechanism and first occlusion filter/object stitching mechanism.

The updates also offer improved security and flexibility, further solidifying Quanergy’s Flow Management as the best-in-class end-to-end LiDAR-based product for security, smart space and smart city applications.

A security incident can cause an immediate hassle, but its impact also often has a ripple effect with companies having to navigate everything from business disruption to impact to brand reputation and even potential legal ramifications.

QORTEX is a LiDAR-based software product that provides 3D perception and volumetric sensing to enable detection, tracking and classification of 3D vehicles and human-sized objects in real-time. Updates in QORTEX 2.3 include:

  1. The industry’s first motion-based noise reduction mechanism, called the movement threshold filter, which easily filters out noisy elements, such as bushes and foliage. This drastically reduces the amount of false alarms, turning those alarms from a roadblock to a security enabler.
  2. The industry’s first occlusion filter, which relies on smart object stitching to ensure that even if a person being tracked goes behind a wall or another occlusion, the system doesn’t recognize them as a new individual when they reappear and will continue tracking them where it left off.
  3. Anti-masking capability to detect and alert when an intruder has attempted to thwart the sensor by blocking or masking it with paper, tape, or spray paint.
  4. Enhanced user and password management for increased ability to set permissions and tiers of access in addition to easily accessible logs for auditing purposes.
  5. A counter line feature that builds onto existing occupancy detection capabilities to help keep track of how many people have gone into and out of an entrance or exit area.
  6. Zone object count by classification type – if several objects enter a zone, QORTEX can now make a distinction between vehicles and human-sized objects in terms of counting.
  7. Support for Ubuntu 20.04 and IPv6 addressing to offer more flexibility to users.

Additionally, Q-View, a software-based configuration toolkit for Quanergy’s LiDAR-based sensors, has been updated in alignment with the upgrades made to QORTEX. Q-View provides robust information about a sensor network and its performance, along with intuitive tools to calibrate and align the sensors.

Sonny Sekhon, senior product manager, flow management, Quanergy Systems, Inc., said: “Cameras can’t address all of the use cases our customers are grappling with when it comes to flow management, intrusion detection, privacy and other aspects of physical security. We continue to innovate and improve upon our Q-View and QORTEX software for enhanced flexibility, security and incremental functionality.”

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