First AC-DC supply for immersed computing

First AC-DC supply for immersed computing

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By Nick Flaherty

Powerbox has developed an AC-DC power supply for high performance boards that are immersed in coolant for power management

The OFI600A12 is the first commercial power supply designed to meet immersed applications specifications and guarantee the highest level of safety for system and operators. With its built-in digital supervising functions, the OFI600A12 can be factory reconfigured to meet specific tasks and demands.

The PRBX OFI600A12 is the result of two years of research and development and has been validated by Powerbox’s R&D and quality teams as a certified platform for a new generation of power supplies for immersed applications, also called immerged.

Besides requiring a new mechanical approach to facilitate fluid circulation through and around the power supply, designers had to investigate every single component for compatibility with cooling fluids to guarantee they will maintain the mechanical and electrical performance, such as the risk of corrosion. The development process also included a thorough risk analysis to verify that when immersed the final product operates with the highest level of safety for users and equipment.

The OFI600A12 is based on an interleaved transition mode power factor correction (PFC) design with an LLC converter as second stage. It is designed to have the lowest possible inrush current, less than 10A at 264VAC.

The supply has an input voltage of 187 to 265VAC, dual outputs comprising a master 12V/600W and an independent auxiliary of 5V/10W, and its efficiency is up to 93 percent.

The OFI600A12 includes remote On/Off, remote reset, over-current and over-voltage protection and complies with safety and EMC regulations. Output protection may be required to be one of a number of different configurations (Switch off, Hiccup mode or Constant current), meeting this requirement, the OFI600A12 is able to be reconfigured as appropriate. Based on firmware defined profiles and the output protection configuration, the mode of operation can be factory selected in a few minutes to meet the requirements of specific applications.

The unit is protected by a conformal coating and complies with the RoHS and REACH directives.

Immersed cooling requires special caution when selecting switching power components, although manufacturing practices are very similar to those required by the marine industry in terms of robustness and the ability to endure operation in high levels of humidity or salty environments.

“With increased concerns for the environment and energy optimization, immersed data centers are becoming widespread and a number of industrial embedded applications have adopted immersed computers requiring compliant power supplies that are designed, tested and certified to work safely when immerged in a cooling fluid,” said Patrick Le Fèvre, Powerbox’s Chief Marketing and Communication Officer.

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